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Preparing for the vacations with our beloved poodle “Chien,” often in the company of his longtime “dear friend” a gray dwarf poodle , is an exciting and rewarding experience. Here are some important steps we always follow to make sure our vacations are enjoyable and safe for everyone:

1. **Preplanning in advance**: Before leaving, it is essential to carefully plan the details of the trip. This includes choosing a destination that accepts dogs and booking pet-friendly accommodations. We always check pet policies and facility rules at the time of booking.

2. **Vet visit**: Before we leave for vacation, we take “Chien” to the vet for a complete check-up and to make sure she is healthy enough to travel. We also ask the veterinarian for advice on any extra vaccinations or precautions to take during the trip also depending on the destination chosen.

3. **Baggage for “Chien “**: Let’s make sure we pack everything we need for our poodle dog, including his favorite food, toys, blankets or familiar pillows that can help him feel comfortable during the trip. Don’t forget to also bring his ID collar and leash, along with any necessary travel documents.

4. **Traveling by car**: If we are traveling by car, let’s make sure we have an appropriate car seat or seat belt for “Chien” to keep him safe while traveling. We make frequent stops to allow him to exercise, drink water and do his business.

5. **Caution to temperatures**: While traveling, we pay special attention to outside temperatures. We protect “Chien” from excessive heat by always leaving a window open or turning on the air conditioning in the car, and make frequent stops in shady places.

6. **Exploring the destination**: Once we arrive at the destination, we explore the surroundings with him. We look for pet-friendly parks, beaches or hiking trails where we can spend time outdoors together.

7. **Beware of other guests**: We always respect other guests and pet owners in pet-friendly facilities. We keep “Chien” on a leash and clean up after him if necessary. Preparing for the vacation with him requires a little extra planning, but the time spent together during the adventure will surely make the trip memorable for everyone… and even for his dear friend the gray dwarf poodle… whom he looks forward to meeting every summer…