Date of birth 19/02/2024

No. 1 male and No. 2 females. (One female available)



SILVER JOKER WHITE E.T.(TOY) Prcd-PRA: N/N Rcd4-PRA: N/N DM: N/N Vwd1: N/N EN: N/N Full dentition : 42 Pat Lux: 0/0 Femur necrosis: free Document WHITE TOY POODLE "ETI" PREPARES FOR DOG SHOW   Eti, an elegant white toy poodle [...]



[/vc_row]   HAIR CARE OF WHITE POODLE “SNOW” ? “Snow,” a female white poodle, requires special care to keep her thick, soft coat immaculate. Caring for its hair is a delicate and important process to ensure that it remains healthy […]

Our toy poodle puppies

When deciding to purchase a toy poodle, especially if you are a beginner, multiple factors should be evaluated and it is important to consider several key aspects.

Therefore, for a potential family who may not have the necessary training and experience with the toy poodle breed in particular, I would recommend following the 3 “C’s” rule: parent CERTIFICATES, parent BEHAVIOR, and at least the puppy’s COLOR/PIGMENT.


In the moment of choosing a toy poodle puppy, it is therefore important to keep in mind that, at two or three months old, it may be difficult for even experienced breeders to fully assess its appearance.

However, what is crucial to observe are the parents: the appearance and characteristics of the parents can provide important clues about the health and characteristics of the puppy.


One of the most important factors to check when deciding to adopt a toy poodle is to know the health status of the parents.

Applying for certificates showing exemption from major genetic and orthopedic diseases in the parents can undoubtedly help reduce the risk of purchasing a puppy affected by such hereditary diseases.

The most important ones to be checked are: the degree of luxation of the patella (in the case of a “SELECTED REPRODUCER recognized by ENCI it must be at most grade 1 unilateral better if 0, the genetic tests related to the absence of the genes responsible for progressive retinal atrophy, and the certificate attesting to the absence of aseptic necrosis of the femoral head of the parents.

These certificates must be issued by ENTITIES and LABORATORIES affiliated with ENCI, which therefore use veterinary doctors specially trained for such investigations.


Character and temperament of the parents is another aspect to consider. If they are too shy or aggressive, it is best to avoid getting a puppy, as they may pass these characteristics on to their offspring. It is important to look for a toy poodle with balanced parents and a docile temperament.

The temperament of the toy poodle should always be docile but at the same time lively and proud, they are always eager to interact with people and feel like an active part of the family, they should never show signs of being too shy or particularly aggressive shy or aggressive.


Certainly, another element to evaluate is the coat COLOR and pigmentation of the puppy.

For toy poodles, the coat should be solid, without white spots (excluding white poodles, which obviously have completely white coats).

In addition, the truffle, eyes and nails should be as dark as possible, preferably black; only in the case of brown poodles should the pigmentation be brown.

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