The sizes of the Poodle


One of the most interesting features of the poodle dog breed is its variety of coat colorations and sizes, ranging from miniature to giant : let’s explore the sizes of the tramp and its distinctive characteristics ranging from the size of the so-called toy poodle to the giant poodle !

dimensione Barboncino Toy


Tiny But Fascinating Miniatures. The miniature, also known as the toy poodle not to be confused with the mini toy or “teacup,” are the smaller sized version of the breed.

These dogs range in height from 24 to 28 centimeters at the withers and usually weigh from 2.5 to 4 pounds.


Despite their small size, toy poodles retain all the positive characteristics of larger poodles: they are intelligent, affectionate, and adapted to family life.

They are particularly suitable for apartment living, but still require exercise and mental stimulation.

Good selection, carried out by a qualified and experienced toy poodle breeder, will ensure that the toy poodle does not present any greater fragility in terms of health than its older “cousins” although it certainly requires more attention from the owner in order to avoid exposing the dog to risky situations.

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Dwarf poodles are the most common and well-known size of the breed.

They range inheightfrom 28 to 35 centimeters at the withers and usually weigh between 4 and 8 kilos.


The ‘indication of weight has no implication in defining size: in fact, size depends solely and exclusively on the height at withers and never on the weight of the bum.

Dwarf poodles are considered the “classic” size of poodles and are widely appreciated for their balanced temperament and versatility.

They are ideal for active families who are looking for a loyal and joyful companion and are not particularly interested in having a smaller-sized four-legged companion such as the toy poodle described above.

dimensione barbone-standard


The Perfect Compromise. The medium-sized poodle is an intermediate size between the miniatures and its “giant” cousin. They range inheight from 35 to 45 centimeters at the withers.


The Medium Poodle offers the perfect compromise for those who want a larger dog than the miniatures, with the same temperament and liveliness characteristics but do not want to deal with either the more imposing size of the “giants” or the too-small size of the dwarf poodle.


They are certainly more challenging than their smaller relatives in terms of coat maintenance being larger in size and are particularly well suited to a variety of lifestyles certainly preferring larger spaces and larger homes.

taglia Barbone Gigante



Majesty in Canine Form. Giant Poodles are the largest size of the poodle breed.

These dogs have aheight of more than 45 centimeters at the withers and reach up to 60 to 62 centimeters with a weight of up to 30 kilograms or more.


Giant poodles are majestic and imposing, but they retain the sweetness and affection that characterize the breed.


They are suitable for families with space and resources to handle a large dog and manage its coat.

They are known to be excellent watchdogs and companion dogs.

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