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TOY and DWARF POODLE breeding.

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In 1996, we began our journey into the dog world ….

In fact, I have been involved in ‘dog breeding and selection since 1996 when, as soon as I came of age, I registered my first litter at the ENCI! I still remember the excitement of seeing my first Puppies being born, and their pedigree ….they were not yet enrolled with the microchip but (unfortunately) with the tattoo still indelibly etched in my memories: 6CN514. A great excitement…

Since then, step by step, we have devoted time, energy and passion to the care and selection of our four-legged friends and especially the dwarf and toy poodle.


The more than twenty-five years of experience, love, and dedication for our four-legged friends thus led us to decide to transform our passion of selection and breeding from purely family and amateur to professional breeding of toy and dwarf poodles.

The basic principles that, surely have always guided us are and always will be: passion, experience, professionalism but above all unconditional LOVE so that every puppy and every adult living with us can feel part of the family environment and perfectly integrated and ready to interact with other dogs and people.

We look to the future with enthusiasm : we will continue to strive for continuous and constant improvement in the selection of toy and dwarf poodles while always keeping the mental and physical health and well-being of our puppies as the cornerstone of our work.

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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the families who have chosen to welcome one of our dwarf and toy poodle puppies into their lives !

It is an honor for us to be part of your journey and we are grateful for the trust you have shown us…we will continue to work our best to continue to deserve your trust and to continue this journey together creating lasting memories and relationships.

In addition to our utmost efforts to select and breed physically and temperamentally healthy dwarf and toy poodle puppies, we are therefore committed to being by your side at every stage of your life with the puppy: we are here to answer any questions you may have , offer advice, to help you with our best support to ensure the best life experience for you and your new family member !




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