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Toy Poodle : ALMA LADY

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ALMA LADY is an ENCI and FCI-recognized kennel for the selection of the Poodle breed dog in Toy and Dwarf sizes ( better known as ” toy poodle and dwarf poodle “).

Our Mission is simple but ambitious: Care, Quality and lots and lots of Passion to select healthy, happy and well socialized poodle puppies that will bring joy and love into the lives of their new adoptive families.

The joy we feel in seeing our puppies grow and develop into happy, affectionate and balanced dogs is indescribable. Sharing our passion for this wonderful breed with other people by helping to create lasting bonds between our puppies and their new families is an endless source of gratification that only our dogs can give us.

We strive to maintain the highest standards of animal welfare, care and nutrition to ensure that each poodle puppy grows up in the best possible way where physical and character health are the two pivotal aspects of our breeding.


The selection of the toy poodle

Breeding means selecting with the goal of preserving health, character aspects and strict adherence of puppies ‘ morphological characteristics to the official poodle dog breed standard.

The selection and breeding of the toy poodle is a process that requires a lot of experience, knowledge, but primarily a strong commitment and continuous collaboration with veterinary doctors who specialize in the breed.

The ‘careful evaluation of the pedigrees of the breeding stock and their bloodlines must allow for, on the one hand, the aptitude of the breeding stock themselves to pass on the desired characteristics to their puppies, but also ensure marked genetic variability.

The health of the toy poodle

The health and well-being of our puppies is our top priority. Each dog undergoes regular veterinary checkups, vaccinations and preventive care to ensure that they are in the best shape of their lives. We provide them with a nutritious and balanced diet, regular exercise, and a stimulating and loving environment in which to grow and develop.

At ALMA LADY Breeding, we strive to ensure that each puppy is therefore born from parents of excellent pedigree and with the desirable morphological and behavioral characteristics of the breed. Our breeding stock are carefully selected for their affectionate and sociable temperament, their proud and elegant appearance as well as their health. Each puppy is unique and special, with a sweet disposition and playfulness that makes them suitable to become part of any family.

Subjects used in reproduction are certified by accredited veterinary doctors F.S.A. (Animal Health Foundation) or. CE.LE.MASCHE (Center for Reading Skeletal Diseases of the Dog) bodies authorized by ENCI for certification of exemption from Aseptic Necrosis of the Femoral Head and degree of Dislocation of the Rotula.

We also carry out accurate and comprehensive genetic testing at the German laboratory of European repute LABOKLIN GMBH to rule out the most common genetic diseases that afflict this breed: such as progressive retinal atrophy (prcd-PRA and rcd4-PRA), neonatal encephalopathy, Von Willebrand 1 disease, and degenerative myelopathy.

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black toy poodle

The ‘adoption of the toy poodle

The adoption process at Splendid Poodles Breeding is designed to ensure that each dog is matched with the right family. Before making a decision, we encourage families to visit our kennel, meet our dogs and share their expectations and preferences. We want every adoption to be a positive and satisfying experience for everyone.

All of our puppies when they are delivered to their new families will have the following documentation

  1. ENCI (Italian Kennel Club) Pedigree – FCI
  2. DNA deposited at an ENCI-accredited laboratory
  3. Health booklet showing deworming treatments and vaccinations carried out in accordance with our competent veterinary doctor for ‘breeding Dr, Giuseppe Zabaldano in accordance with WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) guidelines.
  4. Genetic testing of parents
  5. Certificate on the degree of dislocation of the parents’ kneecap
  6. Certificate on the ‘exemption of aseptic necrosis of the head of the femur of the parents
  7. Veterinary medical certificate of good health
  8. Microchip insertion and enrollment in the Canine Registry.
  9. Passport and health documents for ‘export (if required).
  10. Any other documentation for specific puppy needs.

Services offered:

In addition to ‘bum dog breeding activities, we offer ongoing counseling and support services for families who have trusted us to adopt our dogs.

We are here to answer questions, offer advice on nutrition with possible support from professional nutritionists and veterinary doctors, coat care, and to provide assistance at every stage of the journey with your new four-legged friend.

Please feel free to contact us for the contact details of the most qualified professionals who specialize in every aspect of your poodle’s care

  1. Specialized veterinary doctors
  2. Professional Groomers
  3. Dog educators and behaviorists
  4. Handler
  5. Nutritionists

Our relationship with our puppy families does not end with ‘adoption; we are here for you throughout the life of your new companion.

Choose ALMA LADY Breeding for a unique and unforgettable adoption experience. Discover your new best friend today and begin a journey full of love, joy and happiness with a poodle of extraordinary beauty and exceptional character.

Contact us for more information and to book your visit to ALMA LADY Breeding. We look forward to welcoming you into our family of poodle lovers and helping you find the perfect dog for you.

Mi occupo dell’ allevamento sin dal 1996 quando, appena maggiorenne,  iscrivevo la mia prima cucciolata all’ ENCI !
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Our breeding of toy poodles with breeding code 245CN029 is under the supervision of the Veterinary Office of ASL CN1, as well as constantly monitored by ourcompetent veterinarian Dr. Giuseppe Zabaldano.

ALMA LADY is a professional breeding recognized by ENCI (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana) and FCI (Federation Cinologique Internationale).

We select Toy and Dwarf Poodles in all colors allowed by the standard: White, Black, Brown, Gray and Fawn.

Allevamento ALMA LADY
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Daniela PisanaDaniela Pisana
19:00 06 May 24
Ottimo allevamento! Cuccioli belli, sani e documentazione molto dettagliata! Qui abbiamo adottato il nostro Hevi 🙂 Riceviamo i complimenti da tutti, veterinario compreso!
Elena TurcoElena Turco
14:05 20 Apr 24
Abbiamo preso un piccolo cucciolo di barboncino toy da Alma Lady e siamo felicissimi! Il piccolo Geordie è vivace e in grande forma!! Sonia e Jonathan sono stati fantastici sia prima che dopo il suo arrivo con tantissime informazioni, suggerimenti e disponibilità per qualsiasi necessità o dubbio!Grazie mille
Simone CammisuliSimone Cammisuli
18:00 31 Mar 24
Abbiamo portato a casa la nostra Ginny meno di un mese fa. Abbiamo scelto AlmaLady dopo aver contattato moltissimi allevamenti. Nessuno ci aveva trasmesso l’amore e la passione di Sonia e Jonathan.Quando abbiamo parlato con loro la prima volta, la scelta è stata naturale. I loro cagnolini sono meravigliosi, in salute e tenuti benissimo! Siamo stati a conoscere la nostra Ginny due volte prima di portala a casa con noi e i cuccioli sono tutti meravigliosi, puliti e tenuti benissimo.Rifaremmo la stessa scelta mille volte, Ginny è semplicemente meravigliosa e Sonia è Jonathan ci stanno continuando a supportare e dare consigli anche adesso che è a casa con noi!
Veronica SassoVeronica Sasso
13:30 31 Mar 24
Ho acquistato qui un meraviglioso barboncino Toy. Sono stati super professionali sin dal primo contatto, hanno risposto alle mie domande e mi hanno ispirato fiducia, tanto che sono andata a visitare l'allevamento e mi sono innamorata del mio piccolo ricciolino fulvo. Mi seguono tutt'oggi, con suggerimenti e consigli e so di poter contare su di loro in caso di dubbi. Consiglierei a chiunque di rivolgersi a loro. 5 Stelle super meritate!
Piero FresiaPiero Fresia
07:35 31 Mar 24
Sara CanonicaSara Canonica
14:03 10 Feb 24
Abbiamo preso da poco la nostra fantastica cucciola di barboncino dall'allevamento Alma Lady felicissimi della scelta che abbiamo fatto!👍I gestori due splendide persone davvero professionali e gentili, lo sono stati fin da subito anche successivamente alla consegna e quando abbiamo avuto bisogno di ulteriori consigli.Grazie Alma Lady di aver realizzato il nostro sogno ❤
Maurizio RoccaMaurizio Rocca
19:35 04 Feb 24
Abbiamo preso il nostro cucciolo e siamo contentissimi! Sonia e Jonathan sono due splendide persone che ci stanno seguendo ancora oggi aiutandoci con il nostro cucciolo. Consigliamo l’allevamento Alma Lady perché hanno dei bellissimi barboncini e sono dei seri professionisti!
Roberto D’AncaRoberto D’Anca
18:47 30 Dec 23
Competenza, serietà e assoluta affidabilità. Il nostro Birillo dopo un anno gode di buona salute e ha rispettato perfettamente le misure e il peso anticipatoci da Sonia. Super consigliato.Se dovessi prendere un altro barboncino Toy la chiamerei immediatamente.
Carla OrsiCarla Orsi
17:54 25 Dec 23
Abbiamo preso il nostro barboncino da Sonia e Jonathan, che ringraziamo per la grande professionalità, serietà e per i consigli che ci hanno dato nel tempo.Il cane gode di ottima salute, non abbiamo avuto alcun problema.E’ un ottimo allevamento.Hanno dei cuccioli bellissimi, consiglio a chi cerca un barboncino di rivolgersi a loro.