The adoptive families

Adopting a toy poodle

One needs to be aware when making the decision to adopt a toy poodle puppy. I am always wary of people who contact me first asking me the ” price of the toy poodle.”

Knowing your puppy’s needs to see if they can be matched with your own habits and lifestyle is essential for a happy and lasting relationship with your toy poodle puppy.

Every poodle we raise is lovingly followed and will immediately learn to recognize the smells that characterize human beings and to memorize the typical sounds of a home.

Any learning, starting from the third week of life, will accompany the puppy as it develops an excellent social life especially with its peers.

By doing so, the moment our four-legged friend gains a good level of independence he can gradually make contact with the world around him.

For these reasons, puppies, after hearing the advice of our veterinarian, should socialize as soon as possible with the other adult individuals “in the pack” who, better than anyone else, will know how to teach them to be “dogs.”

So we kindly ask you to avoid contacting us with short messages asking only ” the price of toy poodle …. we will not answer !)

allevamento barboncino nano

After that, the most important moment in the puppy’s life will come, which is when the family for ‘adoption of the toy poodle will be selected.

In fact, the latter is a crucial step for the puppy, which is why ALMA LADY breeding is aimed at all those animal-loving families, who know how to understand the needs of the puppy even when it becomes an adult and are interested in taking care of it with all the love that poodles deserve.

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