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“Snow,” a female white poodle, requires special care to keep her thick, soft coat immaculate. Caring for its hair is a delicate and important process to ensure that it remains healthy and beautiful. First of all, daily brushing is essential. Its long, curly hair can easily knot and form tangles, so regular brushing helps prevent this problem. Using a soft bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb can prevent knots from forming and keep the hair free of debris and dead hair.

Neve’s bath is a routine at most every 2 weeks, depending on the needs of her coat. It is important to use a gentle shampoo specifically for dogs so as not to irritate his sensitive skin or compromise his pH balance. After bathing, it is essential to dry his fur completely to avoid skin irritation and bad odors.

We make regular cuts to keep his coat clean and well groomed. The scissor cut is ideal for maintaining its sleek silhouette and removing dry and damaged tips. It is important to hire a groomer experienced in grooming poodles for best results and to ensure that Snow feels comfortable during the grooming session.

Finally, proper nutrition plays a key role in the health of his coat. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet helps keep his coat shiny and strong.