Mi occupo dell’ allevamento sin dal 1996 quando, appena maggiorenne,  iscrivevo la mia prima cucciolata all’ ENCI !



Prcd-PRA: N/N

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Dentition: complete 42

Pat Lux: 0/0

Femur necrosis: free


Our adorable grey toy poodle “GIGOLO” is a true shadow, always eager to be in our company and follow us wherever we go. With his affectionate and devoted nature, he demonstrates a deep bond and unconditional love for his human family.

From the moment we wake up in the morning until bedtime at night, our grey toy poodle is always by our side, ready to share every moment of the day with us. When we prepare breakfast in the kitchen, he is there, sitting at our feet hoping to catch some fallen crumbs. During our outdoor walks, he always runs beside us, exploring the world with his endless curiosity but never getting too far apart: a couple of meters at most.

Even when we are busy at home, our faithful companion never leaves us alone. He follows us faithfully from room to room, curious about our every activity and eager to participate in everything we do. Even if we are sitting on the sofa watching television or reading a book, he will snuggle up next to us, seeking the contact and affection that only our presence can offer him.

An irreplaceable presence

His constant closeness at times might seem almost morbid, but in fact it is a sign of his unconditional love and unparalleled loyalty. No matter where we go or what we do, our grey toy poodle “GIGOLO” is always there , readily available to share his joy and affection with us.

His presence fills us with joy and gratitude every day, and we are incredibly lucky to have such a special companion by our side. The bond we share with our grey toy poodle “GIGOLO” is a precious treasure that enriches our lives and makes us feel loved and appreciated at all times