barboncino nano fulvo



Prcd-PRA: N/N

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Femur necrosis: free


The Dora Poodle is a lively and affectionate dog, but when it comes to food she becomes especially picky and, despite being tiny, acts like her little cousin the fawn dwarf poodle. Her favorite food is sole kibble and all fish in general. There is nothing that makes his tail thump faster than a plate of boiled and obviously delisted fish. When the smell of fish wafts through the house, Dora cannot help but run toward the kitchen with her tail wagging happily. Her sweet, pleading look cannot be ignored when she begs for a small slice of fish.

The most anticipated moment of the day for Dora is definitely when the family gathers around the table for dinner. As soon as the meal starts, he positions himself near the chair of whoever has the plate. Food is not just a necessity for Dora; it is a time of joy and connection with her human family. Every bite of fish is a moment of ecstasy, and every caress and cuddle received during dinner is a sign of love and gratitude. When Dora is not eating her beloved boiled fish, she also enjoys other meals that include fresh, nutritious ingredients that she shares with her little cousin who is a fawn dwarf poodle like her.

She loves brown rice with mixed vegetables, which gives her the energy she needs to run happily in the park on her daily walks. Although Dora is fond of food, her diet is balanced and varied as her family always makes sure to provide her with everything she needs to be healthy and happy according to the veterinarian’s instructions. But nothing surpasses his love of boiled fish, which will always remain his favorite food.