barboncino toy fulvo



Prcd-PRA: N/N

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Full dentition : 42


Tests performed at Laboklin Gmbh

Tearing of the apricot toy poodle “MALAGA” :

To alleviate lacrimation and improve the well-being of our apricot poodle “MALAGA,” we adopted several strategies that produced positive results.

  1. First, we consulted our Veterinarian doctor to rule out any underlying health problems that may be contributing to the excessive tearing. After a thorough examination, the veterinarian ruled out eye infections and other medical conditions, confirming that the apricot toy poodle’s tearing was probably due to environmental and dietary factors.
  2. We therefore revised his diet, eliminating foods containing artificial dyes, preservatives and poorly digestible ingredients. We opted for a balanced, high-quality diet rich in nutrients essential for his overall health.
  3. We also implemented a daily cleaning routine for the area around Malaga’s eyes. Using specially designed cleansing wipes to clean the eyes , we gently removed traces of moisture and dirt, preventing the accumulation of tears and secretions. This practice has helped keep Malaga’s eye area clean and free of irritation.
  4. In assessing the environment of our “Malaga” , we paid special attention to the presence of potential allergens and irritants in order to minimize exposure to dust, pollen and chemical irritants in the environment , creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for her.
  5. Finally, we supplemented the diet of “Malaga” with a specific supplement designed to support dog eye health. This helped to further reduce tearing.

Thanks to these integrated strategies, we were able to successfully alleviate our toy poodle Malaga’s lacrimation, so try some of our suggestions yourself…but remember to talk to your veterinarian first to rule out any underlying diseases.