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Fun facts about the tawny coat of ALMA LADY poodles

“Queen,” a wonderful fawn Alma Lady poodle, proudly flaunts her coat in the beautiful honey-red shade, a charming and distinctive variation of the fawn color. Her soft, silky fur shines in the sun with golden highlights, catching the eyes of anyone lucky enough to meet her.

The honey-red variant of Queen’s coat is just one of the many shades that characterize Alma Lady fawn poodles. Among other shades, “champagne” stands out. , with its light and slightly shaded highlights, apricot, with an extremely warm and particularly showy color, as well as deep red, which shines with extraordinary depth and richness.


The tawny poodle’s champagne coat is distinguished by its silvery sheen and light, delicate highlights, giving the poodle an elegant and refined air.


Apricot, on the other hand, presents a warm, enveloping hue, perhaps the color we have grown most accustomed to seeing when we are out walking and meeting our fabulous poodle friends. This variant is loved for its vibrancy and brightness.

“honey” and “deep red”

The honey shade of the coat, like Queen’s, is a mix of warm golden and brown tones, evoking the image of nature’s sweet nectar. It is an eye-catching shade that gives the poodle a radiant and charming appearance.

Finally, deep red is a fiery and vibrant shade that catches the eye with its vibrancy and intensity.

Each shade of tawny coat brings with it its own unique beauty and irresistible appeal, making tawny poodles one of the most beloved and admired breeds in the dog world. Queen, with her gorgeous honey-red coat, perfectly embodies the elegance and grace of this charming color variety making all our Alma Lady poodles proud.