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Maya, our lively fawn poodle breed female, is a great lover of the sea. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach and the feel of the sand under her paws filled her with joy and excitement. However, as he prepares for a fun day at the beach, there are some important precautions to keep in mind to ensure his safety and well-being.

The sunscreen for dogs

First of all, it is essential to protect the delicate skin of the fawn poodle “MAYA” from sun damage. Our veterinary doctor prescribed that applying dog-safe sunscreen to his nose, ears and less hairy parts of the body can help prevent sunburn and skin damage caused by UV rays. It is important to reapply sunscreen regularly, especially after Maya goes swimming in the sea.

Hydration of the fawn poodle

Second, it is critical to keep Maya hydrated during her day at the beach. Hot sun and physical activity can cause dehydration, so making sure Maya always has access to a fresh, clean water source is essential. Carrying a water bottle and portable bowl can be helpful to ensure that Maya stays hydrated throughout the day.


Also, while Maya enjoys running along the beach and playing with the waves, it is important to be vigilant and closely monitor her behavior in the water. Even the most skilled dogs can run the risk of drowning or being swept away by currents, so making sure Maya stays in safe, supervised waters is critical to her safety.

Cleaning the tawny poodle after a day at the beach

Finally, after a day at the beach, it is important to rinse Maya well to remove any residual sand, salt or salt water that could irritate her skin or cause ear infections. Drying her fur and ears thoroughly can help prevent dermatological problems and keep Maya healthy and happy.

In conclusion, while Maya enjoys spending time at the beach, it is important to take precautions to ensure her safety and well-being. Applying sunscreen, keeping Maya hydrated, monitoring her behavior in the water, and rinsing her after bathing are all important measures to ensure that Maya can fully enjoy her time at the beach safely and happily.