barboni toy ALMALADY



Progressive Retinal Atrophy : Prcd-PRA: N/N

Progressive Retinal Atrophy : Rcd4/PRA: N/N

Degenerative Myelopathy : DM: N/N

Von Willebrand disease : Vwd1: N/N

Neonatal Encephalopathy : EN: N/N

Degree of Patella Dislocation : Pat Lux: 0/0

Aseptic Necrosis of the Femoral Head : Not Affected

How does the poodle “LUNA” mother of our beautiful toy poodles almalady behave ?

Luna, a very sweet poodle, is an amazing mom to some of the most beautiful ALMALADY toy poodles ; she embodies motherly love in every gesture and behavior. When she has given birth to her litter of two baby girls, Luna transforms into a caring and protective mother, ready to devote herself completely to the welfare of her little ones.

From the earliest signs of pregnancy, Luna shows an innate maternal instinct, carefully preparing for the arrival of her pups.

When the moment of delivery finally arrives, Luna demonstrates extraordinary strength and determination. With grace and patience, she assists each puppy as it enters the world, cleaning and licking them with motherly love to stimulate their breathing and mother-child bonding.

Luna is attentive to each and every puppy, making sure that each one receives the warmth and affection they need to grow up healthy and strong, she is dedicated to their care and feeding herself. She nurses them with her nutrient-rich milk and firmly protects them. She is always alert and ready to intervene at the slightest sign of discomfort or need on the part of her pups, demonstrating unconditional and tireless love.

As the weeks go by, Luna guides her puppies in exploring the world around them, encouraging them to move, play and learn.

In conclusion, Poodle Luna mothers our toy poodles ALMALADY  with patience, love and dedication. From the moment of pregnancy to the raising of her puppies, she demonstrates an innate maternal instinct and unconditional love that brightens the lives of anyone lucky enough to be a part of it.